Introductions are always best…

So here I am: married at 24, divorced at 35, and my daughter is leaving for college in September. After so many years of raising a bright, well-adjusted adult, I have forgotten what is like to be a little selfish. When I was younger I went back to school and got my accessory design degree from F.I.T. But after my divorce, I was left to take care of my daughter with no support from my jack-ass ex husband. This meant, like most single moms know, this meant two, sometimes even three jobs to keep the household running. It was like I was running always in overdrive, even so that once I became gravely ill.

But I digress,  This blog is not about the past, but the future specifically mine. I started this blog to follow my trials of becoming a “selfish” person, by that I mean getting myself out of the work, clean, shop and sleep mode that enables a single mom to function. I felt that I should start getting back to the days of olde when I would sew/design  40% of my wardrobe and get back to my handbag business. Both of these things were put on hold due to exhaustion, but I feel that I can finally start towards the light in the tunnel.

So here starts the re-training of my brain, by blogging everyday after I sew  ( this means sewing everyday).  I hope to rekindle the designing fire I had when I was young and fresh.


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