New adventures and getting ready for Xmas

Well I’ve been busy revamping my handbags for the up coming christmas season. I’ve also rediscovered my love of all things that sparkle. I’m working on a new line of bags that are made of beautiful metallic fabrics. Here are two I’ve made so far;

I love the micro- beading that is on the bags.  I also recieved my order of handbag handles from Ebay, inside was this really nice pair of silver 1/2 moon handles.

I also have been making more clothing for myself, both out of finances and just really enjoying sewing again. I found this really easy pattern on Burdastyle called  “one piece kimono tee”. I love how the the simplicity of the pattern and how it hangs on the body. I’m on a mission to see how many different tees I can make using both different fabrics and embelishings. The one great thing about the pattern is that is very usable when reconstructing fabric scrap to make new fabrics. So far I have made 2

The one on the right is a combination of organza, lace, and a beautaful navy sparkle fabric. I finished the seams with a french seam because the fabrics are so sheer.  The next one is of this beautiful lace fabric that I addded a satin neckline to add some pizazz.

 I like these so much I’m on to number 3…


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