Must have glue: Gutermann Creativ HT2 Textile Glue

So I was talking about how I purchased this great handbag glue, Gutermann Creativ HT2 Textile Glue. It has made my life so much easier when making frame bags. Unfortunately, it is only available in the UK, but so worth the price. For any one who has ever done art work and used rubber cement, that is what HT2 reminds me of.

Unlike other glues that I tried, you place this one both sides that need to be glued, let dry 5 to 20 min, and stick together. I wonder if you could use when applying appliques or working with leather? I used a glue when attending FIT, but that glue is very toxic, but the HT2 is not. Here is another bag I finished the other day using this great glue, Vintage inspired Carpetbagger

Well off to more experimenting Ya’ll….


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