Finally things looking so Sunny in Philly

Well I finally received my sewing machine and it is “fantastic.” Haven’t sewn but a couple of things though because on seeing that shiny new machine, I thought, wait I need to redo my sewing room. I saw this great post on Pinterest

So I decided to do it myself, only with the poles and fabric on hangers.

Brilliant idea, why didn’t I do this before… All my fabric out just like a fabric store, No more plastic tuppermade containers… I also organized all my handles in a rolling drawer I had in the bathroom. I did them by material and now I feel to much better about my sewing room.

The other thing that I finally did was after getting my third request for a bag in different color I decided to add a custom handbag page on my Etsy shop

It took quite a while in Photoshop to build the template. but now I can just swap designs as I add new fabrics. Thinking I may go the next step and make a handle page, but we will see…

Oh, ya and how can I forget, my daughter just moved home from school in Cali to go to Moore College of Art here in Philly… So yet another distraction…

Well here’s hoping for some downtime so I can get SEWING… LOL.


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  1. What a great organizing idea! So much easier to get to the fabric you want without having to sift through a bursting plastic bin!

  2. It looks great! 🙂

    1. Thanks, but the image is from a Pinterest, Mine doesn’t look as polished… But I do have the levels of fabric, organised by material and color.

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