Shopper Frame Bag : Vintage Neon 1960’s Floral Shopper

I finally finished one of the new frame bags that I wanted to create with those extra-large 12″ frames I bought on eBay a few months ago. With this one I found this great 60’s printed fabric in the brightest neon florals colors.

You can find this great bag on my Etsy site

I have noticed that a lot of the DIY blogs that I follow are showing a love for neon colors so when I saw this fabric I fell in love with it myself. I love the contrast of the brass frame next to the bright colors.

I saw these beautiful bags from Dolce & Gabbana  2012 accessory line and was thinking of adding some mini bags to the larger shopper bags. I was thinking a phone bag and  a mini change bag??

 So Here is another project to add to my To Do List.

 I really think they are so adorable…

Check out the entire Fall 2012 show here


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