Another Lesson Learned: Shopper Tote Bag in Vintage Black Floral & Satin

As I was constructing my next shopper tote bag:

I was already to add my frame and guess what? Could you guess…

Here is another lesson in the making of frame bags… Make sure that the materials  you are constructing the handbag with are not thicker then width of the frame. I guess the part that you need to glue to the bag body. Here see the channels in the frame:

Well unfortunately, I really like to use a body, lining, and felt insert in my handbags to give them a professional weight. But I discovered that in using this great heavy-duty satin lining in my  bag, the width was too wide to slide into the glue channel.  What to do… what to do… so I pondered.

I realised that I had this beautiful black flower trim so I added it to the top of the bag. Along with two magnetic snaps and self handles, I managed to fix the blunder.

This one really reminds me of a kinda grown up Mary Poppins…



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