My First Handbag Alerteration

I’m so happy how my first handbag alteration came out. I was a little worried at first when I was approached about this project, but I think it came out great.

I received a note about changing a vintage bag to add a top zipper, zippered inside pocket, and cell phone pocket. See what the bag looked like prep work:

After receiving the bag I dissected the lining and took measurements for the new lining. I added the zippered inside pocket, but wanted to add extra strength so added an additional overlay around the zipper ( this is to stop stress when opening zipper)

Finally she requested a zippered top but unlike most of the tutorials that are shown where people just put a zipper along top of bag, she wanted to keep the shape of the bag. This meant that she didn’t want the bag to get smaller on the top.

This required me when adding the new lining I had to insert the to ends of the zippered top into the lining. I found that my machine could not sew around the denseness of the bag sides. So I needed to hand sew…

Well after that was done, I steamed to reshape and check out how great the finished product looks…



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