The Trials of Making A Bowling Bag- Part 1

I have made a few of these bowling bags in the past, and I always forget that they are not like a tote bag when I’m constructing them.  So I decided to document the journey so I would remember…LOL.

All of my handbags have outer fabric, a fill (thick felt), and a lining. But when I made my first bowling bag I learned that this was not enough to give the bags the needed structure. So I did some research and voila, I rediscovered HeatnBond Fusible Interfacing Heavy Weight. Remember that company that makes iron vinyl and interfacing. Well I found out that they make a stiff interfacing that is just great for handbags.

As a side note: in the past I have used Vilene S520 interfacing which is also wonderful, however can be expensive.   Since I am on a budget the HeatnBond Fusible Interfacing Heavy Weight works just as well. Here is a picture of all three layers except the lining.

Step 1: I need to put the three layers together in this order fabric, felt, and heavy interfacing. Another thing I learned in the process. cut the HeatnBond slightly smaller than the outer pattern pieces, I made separate patterns for all the pieces and labeled them extra interface piece. I ironed the HeatnBond pieces to the felt and then sewed those pieces to the outer fabric.

Step 2: I added feet to the bottom of the bag, I like the way they look and how they lift the bag bottom up a little.








Part 3: Inserting zipper and sewing top, sides, and bottom together creating a circle tube pattern. Another tip I remembered was to tape the zipper to the top edges before sewing. I also added piping all around the circle tube, this also adds body to the bag… Ps is a nice bit of detailing also.









Step4: Sewing the outer pocket to the front of the bag

Step5: Checking to see if bag requires any adjustments. I pinned the front to the and everything fit…










Well, My eyes and fingers were getting tired…

Check out the next steps:

Adding inner zippered pocket and cell phone pocket

Sewing all the lining pieces and adding handles to outer bag

Putting it all togther 🙂

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