Fall / Winter 2012… Minimal Shapes but Fabulous Textures. Also my love of the 1930’s…

Looking over the web to find some inspiration for my fall handbags and guess what?

Simple, Simple, Simple… Here come the most Minimalist shaped handbags ever.

Clean lines are the thing that makes all the season’s other trends work,  These shapes offer a strong, modern canvas on which sexy embellishments and details like fur, giant studs, jeweled embellishments, and velvet can shine and be at their best.








But  I should say that I always believed that these things never went out of fashion. I liked the neon trends but am not sorry to say bye, bye…

The next trend for fall that I love is vintage inspired handbags.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2012












I absolutely love vintage styling and my latest era to love is the 1930’s. I found this old advertisement. Man, look at the prices how things have changed LOL…

I recently lightened my hair and have rocked the finger wave, though I haven’t quite mastered them yet. But have discovered that my hair is so naturly wavy that I can fake it.

Here is a picture of a young Betty Davis rocking the finger wave, looking her most Fab!

I am so jealous…

Finally an old 1930 fashion show for your viewing enjoyment.


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