The Fine Art Of Fabric Embellishing or How to give a Simple Handbag that Wow Effect

After posting my last post, I was thinking of ways to make simple shaped bags “Dazzle”. So I searched the web and discovered some great embellishing techniques I would love to try…

Besides the adding  brads, studs, and rhinestones, which are always fabulous, see these beautiful bags…











I was thinking why not add something more in addition to the studs. I found a few assorted tutorials that take a simple plain fabric and make it gloreous. The first techniques I am going to try is called “furrowing“.

It is the proccess of taking a large outer square and a smaller inner square of fabric and adding tacking stitches to make a sort of wave effect in the outer fabric.

Furrowing detail
Furrowing Detail on Sleeve









Isn’t just a beautiful effect, almost like waves of water running down the handbag

The next technique I discovered is more often used on clothing, especially children’s clothing, but why not use it to connect different fabric pieces on the outside of the handbag.

The technique is called Fagoting.

A fagoted seam is a decorative seam that joins two pieces of fabric together with a space between them and a row of hand stitching. It’s a very pretty detail seen most often in vintage clothing.

I found two blogs that shows the technique in detail : – Bridging or Faggoting Tips .

Faggoting with Lace and Fabric



I also found some designers that are doing wonderful things with modular textiles. And Eunsuk Hur has created designs based on circles with an underlying triangular connection grid. Pieces with tabs alternate with pieces with slots.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenn says:

    Great idea! Though I do not have crafty hands! 😉

    xx jenn

    1. Thanks, Yes I will let you know how it goes especially the fagoting..

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