Image Transfer Quest

Hey it’s been a while since I posted with moving to a new home and getting a new job, it’s been crazy time here… But I am finally getting back in the saddle.

Sitting around thinking of what to do new@ Beau Sourire Bags, I was thinking I have always wanted to do image transferring of beautiful foliage on my bags, but didn’t know the best method. As everyone knows there are a lot of ways to do transferring but most are either messy, time-consuming, or even toxic. And I often found that they didn’t give a very good transfer of the images I wanted to show, unless very simple.

Well the other day I decided to re-visit my search and found a technique that is so simple it is ridiculous. All one has to do is print on freezer paper and you get a beautiful print. I always knew you could use freezer paper to stencil,  but now I have found a new use. I found the instructions at this site

The really nice part of doing it with the freezer paper was how easy it was and you could reuse the paper over and over again: Good for Planet Earth

Now here are two Bamboo images on different  fabrications I have tried so far:

bamboo image on tweed

bamboo image on cotton

The first is on a very heavy weight burlap/tweed and it gives an almost pixel like image and the second is on a light weight cotton fabric. I used a photo image setting for the cotton and it put out too much ink and I got a watercolor effect, not really what I wanted but actually quite beautiful in a way.

So I am off to Longwood  Gardens to take some beautiful floral images to use on bags. Will keep everyone abreast of my next samples.


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