Loving Embellishments, Image Transfer part 2

In my adventure to add photos to my bags I have hit a wall. Unfortunately, I am still trying to find the best possible low budget way of adding photos to my bags. I have found that unless the fabric is light and smooth is come out very hard to see. So now am trying to use multiple layers to create the right look. I think by using photos, stenciling, and fabric pens I may yet get the desired effect I am looking for:



After looking at the image I think the black stenciling maybe too dark, so try, try again…

But I did do some just regular stenciling on my new bags and am loving the results:



I especially like the gold stencil with the gold studs.

I also did a new piece where I added some flower appliques directly from the actual fabric. I didn’t cut out the whole flower, but partially cut it out to overlap the above fabric to create some continuity in the fabric.


I really love embellishments and how it brings a boring fabric to another level. So I’m off to stencil more bags and try again with the photos.


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