My Quest To Improve My Craft- Step I: E Books

So I have decided to sit down a down and improve myself and my craft. But being on a fixed budget I needed a way to do it without having to pay a lot for schooling. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that school is a great way to get hands on techniques and tools that can be applied directly to improving one’s craft.

In 1997, I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and learned an immense amount of info that I still use today when making my handbags, but that was over 10 years ago and feel I need a refresher course. So how does one go about doing this without traveling; I live in Philly,  F.I.T is in NYC, and the cost.

Well I am finding that there are so many great options on the internet for me to improve my craft with little or no cost. I decided to start a series that will show my pursuit of knowledge that will included eBooks, online classes, and my latest find: Webinars.

This week I am compiling a library of eBooks that I can download and read at my discretion. Since I love embellishing, I am looking for any free books that will inspire me for my handbags. Often Sewing or Quilting sites have free eBooks that are fantastic and easy to read. So far I have found a few great books that give me ideas that will inspire me.

                                                                                                   Sew Daily

                                                                                                    Quilt Daily


I also found a site that is lending library you can use from home, not free but a great site to find books not available in eBook form any longer.


They offer a variety of benefits for all your textbook rentals:

  • · Free standard shipping on orders over $25
  • · Free 21-day no questions asked rental return policy
  • · Rock bottom prices on over 5 million textbooks
  • · 5 flexible rental periods
  • · Write or highlight in your rentals

I found a few books that I liked:


                                                                                             Digital Book Index


 This site has some interesting vintage publications of sewing books, I love to see how sewing has changes over the centuries.

Guide to needlework: … instructions for every kind of stitch, in plain & fancy needlework …

The Elements of Modern Dressmaking for the Amateur & Professional Dressmaker;cc=hearth;rgn=full%20text;idno=4399915;didno=4399915;view=image;seq=0010;node=4399915%3A5

I hope this will be helpful in your quest in improving your craft.

Part II will be my adventures in finding online classes…


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