New Items and a New Shop too

It’s been sometime since my last post, trying to work and keep up a shop is so hard sometimes. I often forget that working in retail and creating goods often crash together around the holidays. That great dream of being self-employed often butts up against the need to eat and pay bills, well enough whining…

In my true nature to make my life even more complicated I have decided to create a new shop TwoArmsFull to better streamline my handbags, one that features only Mary Poppins style retro bags like carpet bags and frame bags made of vintage fabrics and up cycled leathers.


And my original site: that will feature bags made of all the other fun fabrics I come across in my adventures. I can’t help buying fun fabrics like faux furs, beaded fabrics, and denim, I am very tactile by nature, but found it didn’t create a very cohesive site. I will also feature purse supplies that don’t quite fit my styling.

Here are my newest bags:


leapardFur_carpetbagside                blackfurTote_side


Drop by and feel free to check out my other bags during my Treat Yourself Holiday Sale: 30% off sale thru 01/31/14 code: TREATYOURSELFHOLIDAY


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