Spring Handbag Inspirations always Help with My Winter Blues

Winter, I always love it but this year it is even getting me down. With another snowstorm coming tomorrow night, 10-12 inches forecast. Philly is feeling more like Anchorage…

So what does a wise girl do, she starts looking ahead to Spring, and all the wonderful handbags trends that are being shown. If you have read my blog before you have noticed that I love embellishments, and wow what wonderful embellishments are showing up on the great bags for the Spring. Everything from fringe, tassels, and even giant beads are getting a chance to shine. Here are some of my favorites but there are so many exciting trends to watch out for. Visit these great sites for more eye candy:






Anya Hindmarch






                              Valentino                                                                                                                                                                   Celine



    b1815b0256c0b658a3687ce6a582dc75                                                                           Mayberry

Giant Beads

07c065e56d1270ab50a31c9cb90dbe17  Prada

Well that’s it for some exciting pictures of beautiful handbags, but for those of us wanting to create and use images for inspirations, here are some excellent places to find embellishments:

One of my favorite places is http://www.mjtrim.com/ shopping online is wonderful but if you can visit store in NYC the experience will be well worth it, so much eye candy you will wish you hit the lottery.




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