Importance of a Sewing Room w/ a Mini Library or Adding Order to Chaos,

Until recently I was sewing on my dining room table, and as you could imagine it was hard. Fabric, sewing accessories, and other essentials were all in small plastic boxes. The chaos and clutter were making what I loved to do harder and harder.

But due to a small chance of luck I was able to build a lovely sewing room in a spare bedroom.


For other ideas to make your sewing complete, Pinterest has some great pins,

It is so nice having a large open space with a sewing machine table that I made myself;

14%2520-%25205All I need is a good chair for a more comfortable tushie, but the blue wave chair adds some color to the room. I also saw on Pinterest, people using pegboard to organize sewing supplies so I got one, spray painted it black and bought some hangers and voila; I even found some cheap plastic baskets from Dollar General and with some ties attached them to the board.


The big addition was when I purchased a Mannequin with flexible arms to photograph my purses on and give a more realistic feel to my shop images.






I also added a library in the sewing room so I can access all books quickly almost in arms reach so that when a question arises I just turn around and get what I need. Here are some recent additions, I found on Amazon, to my library that I highly recommend:







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