Custom Handbags, Why I love creating them…

I have made handbags since 1997 after getting my degree at Fashion Institute of Technology. After so many years of making bags and watching it go from a few people making handbags to JoAnn fabric and Wal-Mart having handbags sections and entire web sites geared to handbag designs/patterns. It keeps gets more and more competitive to keep designing bags.

After thinking very hard, my friends gave me the solution…  Custom Designed Handbags

I think the best part of creating custom handbags is everyone gets exactly what they want, everything from the size, fabric, to detailing.

Two great examples are recent bags I created for my friends, each of them wanted entirely different kind of bags but keeping with my style within each of my shops, they were able to get exactly what they desired.

The first bag  is a LP/Vinyl tote bag that my friend Marie wanted for when she goes vintage LP Record shopping. She required a bag that could hold lots of LP’s, but she also wanted a bag that was light and compatible.

Here is the her Beau Sourire Bags product;

LP-Vinyl Record Black Heavy Weight Cotton Jacalope Screen Printed Tote Bag w Front Pocket and Satin Strap Handles


I created this tote bag with a heavy weight cotton, adding large outer pocket and satin handles. The two

detail I really loved about the bag are the Jacalope stencil and leather trim to reinforce the pocket.

Marie adored the bag,

Love THIS Bag!!! Its perfect for carrying my vinyls home after hitting up local record stores. Holds 10+ LP/Vinyls comfortably. Fashionable and Durable. Absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I use it for ALL my shopping needs.

The next bag was created for my friend and Manager, Nicole. She wanted a Mary Poppins carpet-bag, but she needed it adjusted for riding her bike.

Here is final TwoArmsFull handbag;

Custom4Nicole Carpet Bag Grey Ultra suede Leather Bottom Self Shoulder Strap and Handle




14%2520-%25203I gave her the option to pick the outer fabric and the lining. she chose a lovely grey Ultra suede and I added a lambskin bottom with purse feet for strength. She allowed me to add my design details to create a visually unique bag. If you have read my other posts you know I love embellishing bags, here I added laser cut trim, up cycled belt circles, and a cute heart key clip. She also chose this beautiful satin rose printed fabric for the lining. My newest addition is a duel inside pocket that have a regular pocket and a smaller zip pockets.

I really think they each enjoyed having real input in the design of their bags, and here’s hoping other people will like this trend.

Etsy has added the option for custom bags so this requires a little more strategy since people can’t feel the fabrics for themselves. Using Gimp I created a swatch order form that I can email to people.


I know that it is not a real as touching the fabrics, but I tried to get as much detail of the fabrics I could.

I still love-making ready to buy handbags, but I like personalized touch to bag making the custom trend gives me and my customers.








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