Two New Mary Poppins Carpet Bags@TwoArmsFull Handbags

It seemed like forever for me to get back in the saddle with sewing. The major reason was I needed a new needle plate 14%2520-%25203

for my sewing machine, but unfortunately when I went to order they were on back order forever. Who knew that something so simple would be so hard to get.

After waiting almost 6 months, lesson learned and I order 2.

What to do while waiting; fabric shop…

Recently I was walking through the fabric store, I found two lovely fabrics that I thought would make really nice carpet bags. I used two of my favorite style purse frames, a 8″ inner tubular metal frame. I love how simple using these frames are. They are self-closing, easily work with bags, are available variety of sizes from 8″ to 16″.



The first is a larger version of the classic Mary Poppins carpet-bag.

Carpet Bag Purple Vine Upholstery Dual Front Pocket with Self Handles

14 - 614 - 8

14 - 5










I used a beautiful purple vine upholstery fabric and added a multi-colored one, with dual outer pockets, to reinforce the bottom of the bag.  I also added silver purse feet and that cute heart key ring.

Next bag is slightly smaller in that wonderful dark blue leaf upholstery fabric.

Carpet Bag Blue Leaf Print Upholstery Flecked Plastic Handle Raffia Trim

14 - 6(1)14 - 5(1)

14 - 4

See the wonderful raffia detailing I added, and the cool colored handles.

Well back to sewing…



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  1. Hi there! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog for details. I hope you accept, and I look forward to reading more posts from you!

  2. Thank you for nominating me, I’m off to share the love…

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