Why upcycling is so cool || Part 2 : It keeps crap out of the landfill

The Upstory Blog

|| I’m of the opinion that good examples of upcycling should not only tell a bit about where they’ve been, but ideally, they should do some real good. If the majority of the bits used to create it could have been recycled or would not have otherwise ended up on the landfill, then it’s more recycling than upcycling. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I think the best examples of upcycling can do more. Great examples can take crap and make craft. Trash to treasure. Stuff with a great past, now with a better future.

That does, of course, make it more challenging; and I’m the first to admit some of the examples I’ve been showing here aren’t always completely authentic examples by this definition, but that’s because finding that perfect triumvirate of function, beauty and ‘saved from landfill’-iness is pretty tricky. Below are some…

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