Quest To Stencil Part II

A while back I showed stenciling with freezer paper, and created some lovely bag with a bamboo stencil on them. I also made a cute bag with gold bars and gold studs.


 Hobobag_BurlapGoldcross_side                                          handbags4










The bags turned out lovely, but I really wanted stencils that were more durable. I found this great tutorial showed how to use embroidery hoops, Mod Podge, and your own drawing to make more permanent stencils.

So following the easy steps I created these great stencils with my new fantasy animal, the Jacalope.

14%2520-%25208-002 14%2520-%25209-001











I made a couple of great bags with the stencils. First a tote bag with a golden Jacalope:

14%2520-%25202-001 14%2520-%25205-001










Then a silver Jacalope on Ultra Suede Boho bag:


And the custom bag I created for my friend, Marie, LP/ Vinyl tote bag:

14%2520-%25202                         14%2520-%25203












The Mod Podge was so easy to use, I used the matte version since I needed only simple Mod Podge.

14%2520-%25207-001I also created some other stencils to use with the Jacalope stencils.

                                                                                                A sun:                                                                   

14%2520-%25204-002                                                                                                 grass         


I love now having more permanent stencils to use over and over again, Check back for more of my stenciling adventures… 


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