New Shopper Tote Bags w/ New Cut-Out Handles (Includes Short How To)

In an effort to keep improving my handbags, I am always looking to new and exciting styles of handles and fabrics. Recently I found some beautiful, yet simple large metal eyelets (80cm) used to create cut-out handles on handbags.


They are so simple to insert in the handles by just closing two bendable tabs that connect the two pieces together.

First, however you will need to do a little prep work to create a clean-looking handle. I first created a template from the one of the template sides, from here you can make any style handbag you would like to create. I have seen many style bags with these type of handles, though recently I saw that the Limited has a nice clutch bag.


It is important to trace the template to the outer fabric, lining, and fusible stabilizer. I made the fusible stabilizer the size of the entire top if the bag pattern to give the bag more support. I cut 4 pieces and ironed them in place. Once you have sewn the entire bag together, you will then need to sew around the tracings you made to strengthen before you cut.

I cut through both the outer fabric and the lining at the same time to keep the holes aligned. Finally the fun and easy part, I aligned the front and the back of the metal  eyelets and bent back the tabs.

I was amazed at how wonderful the bags handles turned out.

Here are the two bags I have created so far:

Shopper Tote Bag Black Shiny Canvas











Here is a close up of the handle for this bag.


Shopper Tote Leopard Fur











Here is a close up of this bag handle


These bags came out so lovely, but I had first tried another style of cut out handle that used a binding fabric, but found this was not as clean a look. However, I feel that with more practice it would look better.










I did make this very pretty shopper tote bag in a purple upholstery fabric with self bias cut-out handles that did come out nicely.

Shopper Tote Purple Vine Upholstery










The metal eyelets are not expensive but I wanted to links for tutorials for other style cut-out handles


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