Out With The Old, In With The New- Sewing Machine That Is…

Until recently I have used my trusty Singer Heavy Duty. Simple and easy to use it is a good sewing machine that worked well on my heavy upholstery fabrics that I used in my handbag designs.


However, I started working with heavier fabrics, threads, and leather and I noticed that I was always clipping my needle plate.

I was having to tug at the fabrics and of course noticed that my timing started to be off. So unfortunately there are no sewing machine repair shops in center city Philly, and I was off to study videos on YouTube on timing repair. Now don’t get me wrong, I reviewed the videos and first time around managed to fix the problem. But finally it got so bad I needed a repair shop.

I have always wanted a commercial industrial sewing machine, they are strong and fast. However, the biggest deterrent to getting one is the need 220 power and most homes do not have a line running through them. What to do, what to do???

When I was in school at F.I.T we used Juki’s and they were wonderful. zipping through leather, fabric, and heavy weight interfacing with no problem. I started researching buying one for home. No luck only industrial Juki’s are available…

Cruising on Ebay, which by the way I love doing cause I find great buys on handles, fabric, and other purse supplies. I decided to look at the sewing machine section, and voila! I found a Singer CG-590 used that looked good. I emailed the seller and found out that it is a commercial grade home machine. Well unfortunately I lost the bidding war that often goes with Ebay, but the vigor of the bid war made me decide to buy a new one and holy cow it is the best upgrade ever!!


The machine is light-weight, strong, and powerful. I love that it has suction cups to secure it to the table for sewing at fast speeds. News flash, this machine can even adjust the speed with a simple plastic screwdriver they supply for you. I also recently purchased some high quality nylon spool thread, problem it is thicker then typical thread and my Singer Heavy Duty couldn’t run the thread. I thought Oh No, I just wasted $15.99 on a huge spool of thread, again CG-590 to the rescue. It handles the thread with ease.

The machine is very user-friendly, I could easily adjust between the different stitches and the flexi-stitches are in red.


So far I have made two items trying to test the machine’s functionality. I made a custom clutch for my friend Marie. She wanted a vintage style clutch made with a heavy stiff upholstery fabric.



I think the bag came out great! Best of all she loved it.

Next I wanted to try the Flexi-stitches, so I decided to make Kimono with this cool light-weight knit I found.



Now I’m off to try the machine on the leather…



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