My New Bucket Bags and How I Made Them

Having been suggested by my daughter I decided to try a new style of bag in my two shops…

Bucket Bags

I did some research around the internet and thought what a great clean design that could work with both vintage and modern fabrications. The bags can either have either a backpack or shoulder handle. So I decided to make both, and my daughter, who rides a bike, really liked the backpack design.

There are many tutorials to make the bucket bag, but I decided to make my own pattern using this math. First I decided on the size of the bag bottom, You will then need to work out the correct length so measure the diameter of the circle you cut (from side to side going through the middle) and then times that by π = 3.14. Circumference = diameter x π. If you need a little assistance – use the calculator here. Make the height of the side panel equal to how tall you want your bag to be – with a few extra inches for seam allowance to allow you to turn over and sew down the edge.

For the lining I just used the same pattern as the outer fabric, except I shortened by a few inches. This enabled me to fold over the outer lining to turn to make a casing for the drawstring. Some people use eyelets but I find them so hard to put in, you may have better luck…

As with all my bags I used fusible fleece on the outer fabrics but added a stiff interfacing to the bag bottom lining to add stiffness to bag. I placed the handles between the outer fabric and lining at the top seam.

Need more help:

my first bags:

Bucket Bag Beige Floral with Brown Grid Bottom

bucketbag_BeigeFloral bucketbag_BeigeFloral_closeup bucketbag_BeigeFloral_side

Bucket Bag Light Gold Floral Vintage upholstery w Golden Bottom

bucketbag_goldfloral_closeup bucketbag_goldfloral bucketbag_goldfloral1

Hope you enjoyed this quick how to, a full tutorial will be coming in the near future.


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